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MAMMOTH WHEELS (wholesale only)
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**Mammoth Wheels are for wholesale only.**

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Henning's Cheese is a family owned cheese factory that has been manufacturing cheese since 1914. We are the last cheese factory in the United States making wheels larger than 75 pounds. We can make wheels as small as 12 pounds or as large as 12,000 pounds. Look through the Available Wheel Sizes to see what wheel would work best for you. Stores enjoy working with our 38 pound flats and 75 pound wheels, because they are easier for store personnel to handle. Try building a cheese display using different sizes and flavors of wheels. Go to our Mammoth Wheel Displays page to view carvings and displays using Henning's Cheese.

Call us at 920-894-3032 for more information about this unique opportunity. All of our wheels are custom made to the customer's needs.

We have no minimum order, but note that most refrigerated trucks have a 1200 pound minimum weight-so if you order 75 or 1200 pounds, you will be paying freight on 1200 pound.

Henning Cheese gets 4000 pounds of cheese out of a vat. If you are ordering a specialty cheese like Colby Jack for example, and only want 150 pounds, your order will wait until we get enough orders together to make an entire vat. This means that lead times may take as long as a month.

More Information About Mammoth Wheels
  • All our wheels are waxed in a clear wax.
  • All wheels are custom made when ordered.
  • Random weight 5 lb. blocks and 40 lb. blocks available as well.
  • Red or black waxed wheels are available up to the 22 lb. size.
  • Larger mammoths are available upon request.
  • Cheddar mammoths and flavors can be made in any size.
  • Colby & Colby Jack can be made up to a 1000 lb. size.
  • Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack & Habanero Jack can be made up to a 300 lb. size.
  • Peppercorn is only available as a 22 lb. wheel (prebook this wheel - needs time for aging).
  • Hatch Pepper is only available in 22 lb. & 38 lb. wheels (prebook this wheel - mfg Jan - April only).
  • Cutting wires, labels and casters are available upon request.
  • Mammoths are priced the day they are made, using the previous week's average market plus the overage.
  • Lead-time is a minimum 3 weeks on smaller wheels, longer on larger ones.
  • Mammoths 300 lbs and larger come on their own individual pallets.
  • Henning's Cheese uses Annatto Color, uses no additives and is rBGH Free and Gluten Free.
Mild Yellow Cheddar
Mild White Cheddar
Garlic & Dill Cheddar
Two Tone Cheddar
Tomato Basil Cheddar
Onion & Chive Cheddar
Horseradish Cheddar
Caraway Cheddar
Chipotle Cheddar
Blueberry Cobbler Cheddar
Apple Cheddar
Mango Fire Cheddar
Mediterranean Sunset Cheddar
Peppercorn Cheddar*
Hatch Pepper Cheddar**
Bacon Cheddar
Pico de Queso Cheddar
Blazing Buffalo Cheddar
Dragon's Breath Cheddar
Fenugreek Cheddar
Pina Colada Cheddar
Red Thai Cheddar
Cranberry Cheddar
Cranberry Orange Cheddar
Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar
Bacon Fest Cheddar
Tequila Lime Cheddar

Colby & Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack
Colby Jack
Pepper Jack
Habañero Jack

Random weight 5 lb. blocks and 40 lb. blocks are also available. Contact us for details.

* = only available in 22 pound wheels.
** = only available in 22 & 38 pound wheels.
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