Cheese Pairings

Delicious on its own, even better with a partner

The great tastes of Henning’s Cheese can be enjoyed simply as a standalone or with bread and crackers, but an even better way to appreciate them is with the perfect pairings. Wines, beers, snacks – we’ve curated the below suggestions for you to try. But while we know our cheese, you know your palate so if there’s another combination you’ve found that works, let us know. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy our cheese.

Mild Cheddar

Wines: Pinot Gris, Rosé, Chardonnay, Merlot

Other Pairings: Apple Cider or Hard Cider, Pale Lagers, IPA & Pilsners

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Focaccia, Fig Jam, Raw Honey, Cashews, Apples, Grapes, Pears

Recipe Suggestions: Savory Hand Pies, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese

Medium Cheddar

Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon

Other Pairings: Apple Cider or Hard Cider, Ambers, Porters

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Apples, Grapes, Pears, Raw Honey, Nuts, Buttery Crackers

Recipe Suggestions: Shirred Eggs, Hash Browns, Veggie Dish, Biscuits

Aged Cheddar

Wines: Riesling, Chardonnay, Champagne, Syrah & Pinot Noir

Other Pairings: Brandy or Whiskey Old Fashioned, Mimosa, Cider, Bourbon

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Dates, Fig Jam, Raw Honey, Dried Cherries, Hearty Crackers, Pumpernickel Bread

Recipe Suggestions: Egg Strata, Cheesy Soups, Scones, Biscuits

Extra Sharp Cheddar

Wines: Port, Cabernet Sauvignon

Other Pairings: Brandy or Whiskey Old Fashioned, Ambers, Porters

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Raw Honey, Apples, Dried Cherries, Hot Pepper Jam, Dijon Mustard, Pumpernickle, Hearty Crackers


Wines: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Zinfandel, Riesling

Other Pairings: Hard Cider, Lagers, Tequila, Rye Whiskey

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Tea Cookies, Cashews, Strawberries, Apples, Butter Crackers, Rye Bread

Recipe Suggestions: Breakfast Pizza, Quiche, Fondue, Grilled Cheese

Colby Jack

Wines: Chardonnay, Riesling

Other Pairings: Hard Cider, Lagers

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Sesame Sticks, Cashews, Butter Crackers, Apples, Strawberries

Recipe Suggestions: Stromboli, Nachos, Pizza, Grilled Cheese

Monterey Jack

Wines: Merlot

Other Pairings: Hard Cider

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Bacon Onion Jam, French Bread & Butter Crackers

Recipe Suggestions: Huevos Ranchero, Tacos, Cheesy Soups, Mushroom Strudel, Queso Dip

Pepper Jack

Wines: Moscato

Other Pairings: Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Bread Sticks, Strawberries, Raspberries, Crackers, Olives

Recipe Suggestions: Quiche, Queso Dip, Tacos, Enchiladas, Dripping Beef Sandwiches

Habanero Jack

Wines: Gewurtztraminer

Other Pairings: Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Milk Chocolate, Bacon or Pancetta, Strawberries & Crackers

Recipe Suggestions: Queso Dip, Tacos, Nachos, Burgers

Apple Cheddar

Wines: Riesling

Other Pairings: Cosmopolitan 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Bacon, Pecans, Walnuts, Caramel, Butter Crackers, Apples, Pears, Raw Honey, Shortbread Cookies

Recipe Suggestions: Breakfast Crepe, Bacon Grilled Cheese, Apple Pie, Stuffed Pork Chops

Bacon Cheddar

Wines: Malbec

Other Pairings: Bourbon, Octoberfest 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Apples, Stone Ground Mustard, Hearty Crackers, Pickles

Recipe Suggestions: Stuffed Baby Bellas, Gourmet Burgers, Eggs, Potatoes, Grilled Cheese

Bacon Fest Cheddar

Wines: Malbec

Other Pairings: Octoberfest 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Stone Ground Mustard, Hearty Crackers, Pickles

Recipe Suggestions: Potato Salad, Burgers, Brats, Panini

Blazing Buffalo Cheddar

Wines: Riesling

Other Pairings: Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Pita Chips, Celery, Nuts, Popcorn, Dried Tropical Fruits

Recipe Suggestions: Chicken Salad, Deviled Eggs, Fajitas, Dripping Beef Sandwiches, Barbeque Chicken

Blueberry Cobbler Cheddar 

Wines: Champagne or Petite Syrah

Other Pairings: Hot Black Tea, Gimlet

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Milk Chocolate, Almonds, Berries, Pecans, Graham Crackers, Shortbread Cookies

Recipe Suggestions: Cut into Sticks and Dipped in Chocolate, Pancakes, Scones

Chipotle Cheddar 

Wines: Rosé or Zinfandel

Other Pairings: Cranberry Vodka 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Tart Cherry Jam, Grilled Pineapple, Corn Chips, Salsa

Recipe Suggestions: Deep Fried Cheese Cubes, Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Dripping Beef Sandwiches

Cranberry Cheddar

Wines: Rose Champagne  

Other Pairings: Whiskey Sour

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Hot Pepper Jelly, Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, Shortbread Cookies, Milk Chocolate, Pecans, Apples, Oranges or Dried Pineapple 

Recipe Suggestions: Turkey Pinrolls or Sliders, Chicken Salad, Stuffed Pork Chops

Dragon’s Breath Cheddar

Wines: Gewurztraminer

Other Pairings: Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary, Sangria, Margarita

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Milk Chocolate, Dried Pineapple, Dried Mango, Salsa & Tortilla Chips

Recipe Suggestions: Beer Dip, Burgers, Brats, Tacos 

Garlic & Dill Cheddar

Wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling or Sparkling Wine

Other Pairings:

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Spinach Artichoke Dip, Smoked Salmon, Butter Cracker 

Recipe Suggestions: Pasta Salads, Mashed Potatoes, Egg Bakes, Corn Dishes

Hatch Chile Cheddar

Wines: Moscato or Riesling

Other Pairings: Tequila, Pale Ales or Lagers

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Cucumbers, Salsa & Tortilla Chips

Recipe Suggestions: Fondue, Mac & Cheese, Eggs, Quesadillas, Risotto

Louisiana Lagniappe Cheddar

Wines: Champagne or Prosecco

Other Pairings: Iced Tea, Pilsners, Pale Ales or Lagers

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Carrots, Celery, Cornbread, Shrimp, Sushi, Buttery Crackers

Recipe Suggestions: Mac & Cheese (with or without seafood), Potatoes (prepared any way!), Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo Pizza, Grits, Risotto

Maple Bourbon Cheddar 

Wines: Pinot Noir

Other Pairings: Dark Roast Coffee, Bourbon

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Butter Cookies, Mixed Nuts, Candied Pecans, Caramel Corn, Dark Chocolate, Graham Crackers, Shortbread Cookies

Recipe Suggestions: Buttermilk Biscuits, Ham Sliders, Sweet Potatoes, Pulled Pork

Mango Fire Cheddar 

Wines: Gewurztraminer

Other Pairings: Margarita  

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Salsa, Toritlla or Corn Chips, Dried Tropical Fruit 

Recipe Suggestions: Roasted Corn Dip, Chili, Fish Tacos, Brats or Burgers, Nachos

Mediterranean Sunset Cheddar

Wines: Albarino from Portugal  or Pinot Noir

Other Pairings: Pilsner  

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Bagel Chips, Pepperoni, Salami, Tapenade, French Bread, Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes or Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Recipe Suggestions: Lasagna, Muffuletta, Braised Fennel, Bruschetta Skewers, Risotto

Onion & Chive Cheddar

Wines: Muscadet or Trebbiano 

Other Pairings:  

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Flatbread, Dijon Mustard, Dried Salami, Herbed Crackers, Pickles

Recipe Suggestions: Risotto, Potatoes (served any way), Spanakopita, ALL Egg Dishes

Peppercorn Cheddar

Wines: Pinot Noir 

Other Pairings:  Amber or Darker Beers

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Raspberry Jam, French Bread, Pickles, Pancetta, Summer Sausage  

Recipe Suggestions: Beef Carpaccio,  French Onion Soup, Beef Wellington, Risotto, Creamy Coleslaw

Pico de Queso Cheddar

Wines: Albariño, Vinho Verde, Pinot Gris, Dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc

Other Pairings:  Tequila 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Dried Tropical Fruit, Herbed Crackers, Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Recipe Suggestions: Tostadas, Tamales, Quesadillas, Potatoes

Pumpkin Spice Cheddar

Wines: Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay

Other Pairings:  Espresso Chai Latte, Moscow Mule, Stouts or Oktoberfest 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Butter Cookies, Candied Pecans, Ginger Snaps or Swedish Thins, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Corn, Graham Crackers, Shortbread Cookies

Recipe Suggestions: Maple Waffles, Muffins, Sweet Potatoes, Monkey Bread

Simply Strawberry Cheddar

Wines: Prosecco or Sparkling Wine

Other Pairings: Lemonade, Mimosa, Mojito 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Coconut Chips, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Berries, White Chocolate, Shortbread Cookies

Recipe Suggestions: Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding; Cut into sticks & dipped into white or milk chocolate

Tequila Lime Cheddar

Wines: Chardonnay (Un-oaked)

Other Pairings: Jalapeno Margarita,  Strawberry Daquiri, Pale Lagers 

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Chips & Salsa, Dried Tropical Fruit, Macadamia Nuts, Pita Chips

Recipe Suggestions: Caviar, Shrimp or Fish Tacos, Scones

Tomato Basil Cheddar

Wines: Grenache

Other Pairings: Sparkling Water

Nibbles/Charcuterie: Sun Dried Tomatoes, Savory Crackers, Olives, Pickles, Pesto, Peppercorn Crusted Pancetta

Recipe Suggestions: Bruschetta Skewers, Lasagna, Risotto