Henning's History

History of Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese

In 1914, after completing a six week dairy short course in Madison, WI, Otto and Norma Henning made a decision to purchase a rural hometown cheese factory. Their factory was located in the heart of America’s Dairyland, near Kiel, Wisconsin and they devoted their lives to producing quality cheese.

history of henning's cheese 1914 beginnings
Left Photo (1914): Otto Henning receives his cheesemaking license
Middle Photo: 1914 Cheese Factory
Right Photo (1950): Otto Henning

After almost 50 years of cheese making, Otto passed away and his son Everett along with his wife Jellane took the factory over in 1963. Within 4 short years they built a new modern cheese plant at their current location.

Left Photo: 1967 Cheese Factory
Right Photo (Taken between 1967-1970): Everett Henning

In 1986 an expansion was necessary to handle their growing business. By the mid 1980’s Everett’s three children Kay, Kerry & Kert came into the business to help expand upon Everett’s dream. Seeing it through several changes and a few more additions the small family cheese company continued to grow.

Left Photo (1970): Kay Henning & Kerry Henning
Middle Photo (1989): Everett & Jellane Henning with a 12,000# Mammoth that was sold to Puerto Rico
Right Photo (1980): Kert Henning

Today, Everett’s grandchildren Mindy, Rebekah, Joshua and Zachary are involved, learning and growing the tradition.

Left Photo (2018): L to R: Rebekah Henschel, Joshua Henning, Zachary Henning, Kert Henning, Kerry Henning, Everett Henning, Kay Schmitz & Mindy Ausloos
Right Photo (2022): L to R: Zachary Henning, Kerry Henning, Mindy Ausloos, Joshua Henning, Rebekah Henschel & Kert Henning

Over 100 years and four facility upgrades later, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese still stands as a testament of our family’s commitment to making great quality cheese locally — for national enjoyment. With the help of Henning’s dedicated employees, consistent quality continues to be our best source of pride. We invite you to experience one of the best tasting, and highest quality cheeses available today.

Henning’s Cheese Factory, 2018

Small local family dairy farmers continue to provide Henning’s cheese with a source of quality milk. These farmers pride themselves by pasture feeding their cows when weather permits, along with feeding them a carefully balanced diet of natural grains. Henning’s uses natural, as well as non-animal, ingredients and adds Kosher ingredients to their milk for your enjoyment.