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Below are some examples and ideas of ways to display our mammoth cheese wheels. If you have ideas or photos of other ways to use mammoth wheels, please contact us and we'll add it to this page.
Hy-Vee Kansas State Wildcat Logo Cheese Carving
This is Mike Peterson's first attempt at cheese carving. He carved the Kansas State Wildcat logo into a Henning's mammoth wheel for a Hy-Vee grocery store in Manhattan, Kansas. View Full Photo
Sentry Foods-Delafield Anniversary Carving
Sentry Foods in Delafield, WI is located near a lake, so they had a cow on water skis carved into their mammoth Cheddar wheel for their anniversary. View Full Photo
Henning's 100 Year Anniversary Carving
Henning's Wisconsin Cheese celebrated their 100 year anniversary in Kiel, WI on February 1, 2014. Sarah Kaufmann's awesome carving is shown here along with some of our mammoth wheeels. View Full Photo
Martin's Supermarket Fighting Irish Carving
The carving was done at a Martin's Supermarket in South Bend, IN home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They were having a re grand opening of their completely remodeled store with two 300 pound wheels from Henning's Cheese. View Full Photo
Henning's Hatch Pepper Cheese Display at the new Hy-Vee in Waukee, Iowa
The Hatch Pepper display at a new Hy-Vee store in Waukee, Iowa. Hatch Peppers are grown in Southwest New Mexico in the Hatch region. They are a mild, sweet, savory pepper with no heat — great for any recipes where you would add peppers. View Full Photo
Henning's Hatch Pepper Cheese Display at Sendik's
Hatch Pepper display was put together at the Sendik's store in Mequon. The Hatch pepper is a mild, sweet, savory chili pepper from New Mexico. View Full Photo
Henning's Cheese Display at Central Market in Houston TX
This picture was taken at the Central Market on Westheimer Ave. in Houston TX, January 2013. The woman in the picture is Virginia Moyer who visited the plant the summer of 2011 along with her husband Phil. View Full Photo
Hatch Pepper Cheddar Display with Wine and Peppers
Stacy Johnson created this beautiful Hatch Pepper Cheddar display and cross merchandised it with wines and Hatch Chili Peppers at the Hy-Vee in Gladstone, Missouri. Henning's Hatch Pepper Cheddar is a creamy smooth cheddar that uses the authentic Hatch Chili Peppers from Hatch New Mexico. These peppers have a mild, sweet, savory flavor that go well with almost any dish. This cheese needs to be pre-booked in October or November for us to make it from January thru April. Let this unique flavor excite you taste buds and your customers.
2011 Wisconsin State Fair - Guinness World Records for the World's Largest Cheese Carving
The record for largest cheese sculpture was achieved by Sarah Kaufmann at the 160th anniversary of the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin on August 14, 2011. Sarah incorporated many of the things in the carving that make the Wisconsin State Fair famous and fun. Look closely at the details and see how many things you can recognize. View Full Photo
Henning's Big Cheese - 2011 IDDBA Show
Everett and Kay proudly display a Henning's Cheese carving at the 2011 IDDBA show in Anaheim, CA. Carved by Sarah Kaufmann, this 22 pound red wax wheel proudly features Henning's - The Big Cheese - The IDDBA - the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show moves around the country each year. View Full Photo
Superbowl Cheese Carving
This carving was done in Central Market in Dallas, Texas for Super Bowl XLV. Sarah Kaufmann carved the helmet of the Pittsburgh Steelers on one side and the Green Bay Packers on the other. The Packers defeated Pittsburgh 31-25! View Full Photo

View a YouTube video of Sarah Kaufmann carving this mammoth wheel.
Royal Wedding Cheese Carving
To celebrate the royal wedding, Central Market in Houston paid tribute to the royal couple by proclaiming them "The Big Cheese". Sarah Kaufmann carved the royal couple into a 1000 pound wheel of Henning's cheese. View Full Photo
300 or 500 Pound Mammoth Wheel on Top of Box
Henning's 300 and 500 pound mammoth wheels have their own individual pallets that can be used to help display them. View Full Photo

Slide the box off of the cheese.
Place the box on top of another pallet.
Lift the cheese with its pallet on top of the box.

This brings the mammoth wheel up to the customers eye level.
This allows you to haul the mammoth wheel into the cooler each night.
Leinenkugel's Joint Display
A Hy-Vee grocery store in Madison, WI recently did a promotion with Leinenkugel's and Henning's Cheese. What a great way to tie different departments together in a store promotion! View Full Photo
2000 Pound Mammoth Wheel Grocery Display
This 2000 lb. wheel of cheese was on display in Madison, WI at the Hy-Vee store on East Washington Ave. Bucky Badger along with the mascots from each Madison High School were carved into the wheel after the wheel was on display for several days. This wheel was carved by Sara Kaufmann. View Full Photo
Spec's Rabbit Cheese Carving
This cheese carving was for a Spec's Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods store in downtown Houston. The rabbit represents the Spec's logo and was done by Sarah Kaufmann in celebration of their yearly wine and cheese tasting event. View Full Photo
Kroger Santa Clause Cheese Carving
This cheese was done to celebrate the Christmas holiday season at the Kroger store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Santa Clause cheese carving was done by Sara Kaufmann using two 75 pound wheels. View Full Photo
Hy-Vee Train Cheese Carving
This train and winter themed carving was on display at a Hy-Vee store for the Winter Festival held in Des Moines, Iowa. The wheel was carved by Troy Landwehr at the Henning's Cheese factory. View Full Photo
Harley-Davidson Moo tor Cycle
This carving featuring a cow riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was done at the Central Market store in Southlake, Texas. Central Market was the headquarters for the Harley-Davidson rally held in Texas. The carving was done by Sarah Kaufmann with the food of choice being brats and cheese! View Full Photo
Central Market Cheese, Sasusage and Dried Fruit Display
This display from Central Market in Southlake, Texas used 38 and 300 pound wheels of cheese to cross promote cheese with sausage and dried fruit. View Full Photo
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